Polygon MATIC needs more love in my opinion. (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

2021.09.28 22:10 ASICmachine Polygon MATIC needs more love in my opinion. (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.09.28 22:10 John-AI [FOR HIRE] Logo Design for just $100

I'm a professional Logo Designer and I'm currently looking for new projects to work on.
I will help you design your logo for just $100
Here's a sample of my work >> https://www.behance.net/gallery/125128953/Logofolio
If you're interested in hiring me, Dm me here or contact me via email >> graphicsenigma983@gmail.com
Unlimited revisions
Concept Delivery in 24 hours
png, jpg files and mockup included
Source files are sold separately
PayPal only
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2021.09.28 22:10 nicki_manav No Service on McHenry ground floor

Does anyone not get phone service on the ground floor of McHenry? I have ATT and thought it might be my provider.
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2021.09.28 22:10 JHL10514 ZERO people! Yes just like I told ya. Enjoy your 100% losses!

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2021.09.28 22:10 ayahsoufan [Academic] Experiences when conducting a literature review (Academics, researchers, students)

Have you ever produced a literature review? I’m doing a Ph.D. to design tools to make it easier for people to review the literature. Can you help me make it better? Please answer this questionnaire which will take around 10 minutes only, and you can choose to enter a prize draw to win one of five Amazon shopping vouchers, each worth £50. https://strathsci.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_djmpf8NgDR8EjH0
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2021.09.28 22:10 Janitordota Can we find a solution for the crazy high amount of bm pauses? Maybe set a weekly limit on pauses for every player/party stack?

I don't understand why this is suddenly a thing, but bm pausing everytime something happens is extreamly tiring.
In the 4 games i've played today, only one of those games had zero toxicity, the other three games were full of bm pauses, followed by disconnecting to prolong the bm pauses etc.
I get that pausing after making a crazy outplay can be fun, but pausing after every single engagement several times each game, is taking all the fun out of the game.
So i thought about potential fixes for this. Make it so that every player has a limited amout of pauses each week. I personally don't need more than at most 3 pauses every week, and if someone really wants to bm paues, they will have to think twice.
As for when people actually have issues, pauses could be forced for a certain time, when the player goes offline. Im not really sure what the best solutions are, but going through 20+ bm pauses 3-4/5 games is very exhausting.
And for people who wonder, the games im referring to are high divine, low immortal games on EU west. I have 10k conduct score, and so does everyone in my usual party stack.
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2021.09.28 22:10 BagerCast Yeseo

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2021.09.28 22:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Big 12 quarterback play full of struggles and surprises | FOX

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2021.09.28 22:10 Trekky101 Rem and Ram

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2021.09.28 22:10 Xbox_OhItsKayleigh H: Jug/E/1p Fixer W: caps

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2021.09.28 22:10 Samurai_IX Numbed by rage

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2021.09.28 22:10 ResearcherHot1206 Anyone can confirm?

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2021.09.28 22:10 EchoCyanide Hear Racing Strains

Was reading another post in here recently and it got me thinking. Some strains of weed have made me heart race at times, which I don't enjoy. My question is, are there strains any of you like to avoid specifically for this reason?
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2021.09.28 22:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - 3 men charged after national park incident involving brown bears | FOX

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2021.09.28 22:10 Lettuce-Special 130 packs of Costco La Croix Order Update:

So Obviously I decide to do the order; haven’t seen $ this good in way too long. Somewhere between contemplating my life and reading all your guys’ advice/opinions, I think “so what if I can’t get them all, what’s Some money off this high paying order…RIGHT?!”. This is after getting $ knocked off this morning due to adjustments. Back to it; I was doubtful there was a limit on La Croix but called in case- doesn’t hurt to ask! Check the customer notes (“call when leaving and do not take two trips”) and then hit “start shopping”. Send her my intro, surprise surprise- no response back. Spent some time going back and forth debating how many La Croix to get; probably looked crazy. In the end got 24 Total La Croix- on top of the ~86 other Units of other items. Send her another message, no response. I get to checkout with two flatbeds and the checkout person asks if it is for a retailer (I had no friggin idea); they then proceeded to count my items incorrectly.
Total of the items comes out to nearly $2,000.
One guy helps me out the doors- had some issues with the receipt being checked as well- and thankfully 2 guys help me load up. Everything is in the car and it is the perfect estimate, on my part, of how much can fit. I’m still relatively new to Costco batches.
Here’s where the kickers begin AND F U BIG TIME IC: I get in my car, AC cranked, and call as directed. The lady answers and I say who I am, she hesitates- I can tell there’s something off. We’ve all had that feeling as shoppers and people. She tells me “uhm we already got all our items. If you want to bring the La Croix, we’d like that”. Seeing as I already loaded up, I tell her “ya that’s fine, I’ll be there in 20”. I arrive and it’s an Urgent Care center with ~6 guys and her outside to help unload. I stood there talking to her and she tells me that they go through a lot of Croix especially since they have an upstairs and downstairs office. Proceeds to tell me the shopper who delivered this morning brought in around the same amount of La Croix as I did. All La Croix out is out of my car and I tell her, “ok well uhh I guess I’ll REFUND you”. I don’t want to be an ass and was nervous and anxious. Should I have not refunded her in the app or what?? What the hell does one.
I Refund the items and say “order delivered”. Check my batch pay…it DROPPED FROM $159 TO $35
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2021.09.28 22:10 WeedIsMySin_ Will FF14 take advantage of a NVMe drive or will a SATA SSD do?

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2021.09.28 22:10 Coldw0r1d What to do when you’ve come to the realization that your healing and don’t sync with the old ways of friendships/relationships/family?

After a heartbreak and a very weird dream I had.. I decided to finally stop and take a look around… I wanted my life back so.. that’s what I’m doing… I worked but after a month and a half I’ve been isolated between four walls in my room. No Instagram, no gaming, any distractions that would trigger me or set me off.
After that I simply became detached from a lot of things… my old friendships don’t feel like friendships.. and I don’t know how to address that to them.. my family just feels like they are there and I’m not sure how to deal with that either.. I’m now always in my own world.. even interaction with people really don’t make me feel like I could have a connection with the people around me. I’m in touch with my emotions but I just feel bored and whatever. Of course I do my passions, I’m just here like…. Will anything come into my life that will enlighten me a bit?
Will I meet people who resonate with me? I’m trying to describe this feeling the best way I can.. I guess I can say I’m just here. I do have a future and I’m working on it.. I’m just.. not sure.. I’m solely too focused on my goal.. I feel like I screwed my life up enough by too much relaxing and fooling around.. was fun but didn’t bring anything but problems later…
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2021.09.28 22:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Texas Border Patrol agents discover stash houses packed with nearly 100 illegal immigrants | FOX

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2021.09.28 22:10 SquidWhisky Oh Jeez! Only 120 tokens left in the Club Schwifty presale! There are still 2 rare pickles left to find!

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2021.09.28 22:10 Ordinary_Weird2825 Am i shadowbanade?

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2021.09.28 22:10 PikachuSaves What health treatments that we can only dream of do you think billionaires are getting now to lengthen their lifespan and improve their quality of life?

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2021.09.28 22:10 Rimworldjobs I get to ask a question on my favorite sub

I got a oil change last week at a local place and the engine light came on. The error code was p1065 for a 2014 dodge dart 2.4. The error says its a oil valve problem and further research states that I may need to replace the multiair actuator which is Italian for electronic lifters(if you get what I mean). Now before shelling out 1k for a brick would it be worth it to ask for a refund and change it myself( I usually do the oil myself I just generally dont have time or will) or can I push this through my insurance and hope for the best?
Its probably good to note that, on paper, they put 0 w20 which is what it calls for. It also is holding oil but I haven't checked the oil pressure.
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2021.09.28 22:10 SebajunsTunes Where was this scene from Free Guy shot?

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2021.09.28 22:10 George4530 Get $20 on Bitstamp! (instant 20% return on your $100)

These are the necessary steps:

  1. Fist of all, you need to register on Bitstamp using this referral link: https://www.bitstamp.net/ref/MqCvk0tU8hkCa2MW/ ***
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NOTE: Once you open an account at Bitstamp through the referral link, you have 30 days to make a trade for $100 or more to unlock your rewards. If you wait more than 30 days, no reward will be given out.
This referral program is available in many countries, including The USA!
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