Best Anime Cat Girl Of All Time - Anime Cat Girl List

2021.09.28 22:00 johnrock001 Best Anime Cat Girl Of All Time - Anime Cat Girl List

Best Anime Cat Girl Of All Time - Anime Cat Girl List -
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2021.09.28 22:00 mc395686 Mumbo is basically Anakin with his lightsaber

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2021.09.28 22:00 akaBrotherNature My email correspondence with Adam. Posted so people can see how dishonest Adam is.

Adam's strategy to deal with criticism seems to be to
1) Lie. Simply deny that he said something that he did.
2) Claim that he and No Agenda doesn't make any claims, and that they just report what others say.
3) Insult the person who criticised him.
4) Go deeper into the conspiracy mindset "you're clearly a paid shill".
I posted this email thread so perhaps more people can see that Adam is not a person to be taken seriously.
A recent show (1384 "Code Red") contained a large number of factual errors and disinformation.
Two particularly significant examples were 1) in the clip of the male nurse who claimed that the CDC had lowered the PCR cycle threshold in order to artificially make the vaccines look effective, and 2) the claim the 8/10 pregnancies ended in miscarriage in vaccinated women.
Here are the facts:
The CDC has not changed the PCR cycle threshold for testing. It did provide additional guidance for which samples should go on to further genomic screening.
PolitiFact | The CDC did not change its criteria for what is considered a breakthrough positive COVID case
The 8/10 or 82% number was not a result of any study - it was a number simply invented by an anti-vaccine website in order to further their anti-vaccine agenda. The real study did not find any negative pregnancy outcomes for vaccinated vs unvaccinated mothers.
Study did not show 82% of pregnancies end in miscarriage after Covid vaccination - Full Fact
These two are just the most egregious examples from a show that was full of misinformation.
They're also just the latest in a long line of lies you two have been propagating:

Why do you continue to lie week-in-week-out about easily checked facts? Are you so desperate for money from listeners that you're happy to pedal disinformation?
Thank you for this, mice form letter.
we haven't discussed ANY of this as "truth". And many topics have never come up.
Clearly your are a paid shill.
Thanks for the humor.
(PS) its " peddle", not "petal" you dope.
>we haven't discussed ANY of this as "truth"
Really? Do your listeners know this? Because you sure make it seem like No Agenda is a source of real information and insight. Just read your own newsletter.
>Clearly your are a paid shill.
Anyone who disagrees with you (even if they provide factual evidence of you being wrong) is just part of a huge conspiracy. Got it.
>(PS) its " peddle", not "petal" you dope.
One of my favorite things is when people resort to pointing out small spelling or grammatical errors in order to dodge an argument against them. But when they themselves make a mistake doing it, that's just...*chef's kiss*.
And no rebuttal, just deflections.
Why are you doing this? What standing do you have other than some links and pre-written talking points?
What's in it for you? Seriously interested.
> And no rebuttal, just deflections.
Rebuttal of what? That I'm not a paid shill? That's your claim, you're the one who needs to provide evidence if you think it's true.
Or that you don't claim to be a source of truth? How about some quotes direct from your newsletter:
Real Independent News. If you want real analysis based on research and digging deeper into a story, No Agenda is your show."
Or the myriad instances of you saying something like "this is what's really going on", or "I've looked into this, and here's what's happening".
If the show really is just fact-free conjecture that doesn't make any truth claims, then you're not doing a good job of letting your audience know. Just listen to the notes they write: they clearly think they're being informed and are privy to information not available in the "mainstream". They think they're part of "dimensh B" (or was it A?) a select group who know what's really going on.
>What standing do you have
It doesn't matter, does it? Either something is right or wrong, and I've provided a list of things you're wrong about. The coronavirus does not have HIV sequences inserted into it. Nor influenza features. Nor did the vaccines skip animal trials. These are not matters of differing opinion, they're plain facts.
But as it happens, I have a PhD in genetics and have worked with viruses (although they are not the direct subject of my research) and have extensive experience of genome analysis.
>What's in it for you? Seriously interested.
I hold out a tiny, tiny amount of hope that if you're confronted with enough of your mistakes, incorrect beliefs and misinformation, you'll maybe think about stopping.
You have, what, about a million listeners per show? With that many listeners, it's a near certainty that some of them have (based on your misinformation) decided not to take the pandemic seriously or not to get vaccinated, and, as a result, have ended up ill or dying - or maybe ended up spreading the virus to someone who has ended up ill or dying.
I'm likely wasting my time. But if I can get you or John and examine your conscience for a moment, it might have been worth it.
You are accusing us of things we have not stated.
We deconstruct media, don't claim any expertise I'm the materials you list. Never have.
​​​​​​Have a look at the definition of miscarriage and how many women got jabbed in the first trimester that miscarried.
Yeah, surprise, I can read medical reports.
Let's start there shall we? Next you show me where we claimed HIV or Flu virus was inserted. We definitely played a report from Australia that discussed people testing positive for HIV, but we never claimed any such thing.
Happy to take it point by point, but you better come with actual examples. You can find every show in the archive and can search the transcripts for each.
Start with your argument against my rebuttal regarding the 80%.
And please don't embarrass yourself by sending "fact checks" from organizations funded by Facebook and google.
I expect better from a PhD.
Mayo Clinic good enough for you?
Your "Fact check" was not so precise in their definition by linking to a 'pregnancy charity"
Let's keep it academic, for real, OK?
You can just read the actual paper:
Although not directly comparable, calculated proportions of adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes in persons vaccinated against Covid-19 who had a completed pregnancy were similar to incidences reported in studies involving pregnant women that were conducted before the Covid-19 pandemic ... Preliminary findings did not show obvious safety signals among pregnant persons who received mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.
The true miscarriage rate from the data in the paper is 104 out of 827 (12.6% - in line with the typical incidence of 10-26%). The miscalculation done by "The Daily Expose" was to remove all women from the study who received a vaccine in their third trimester, but to KEEP all of the miscarriage data.
This results in a new incorrect calculation of 104/127 (82%). This data was looking at all birth outcomes from the participants (which included miscarriage, but also stillbirth at >20 weeks, and live-birth problems such as preterm delivery and neonatal death).
You can't change the population of the data for one part of the calculation (all participants) but keep the data from another population.
Also - just step back a moment and do a common-sense check. Do you think if all vaccinated pregnant women worldwide had a miscarriage rate of 82% the only reporting would be from fringe conspiracy websites?
>Next you show me where we claimed HIV or Flu virus was inserted
Both you and John have said multiple times that the coronavirus has HIV or influenza genes or features.
Here's one such instance of John reporting on it and saying the guy "nailed it" when he said it has AIDS features. You then agree with him that it has HIV elements.
Found another one. Here's you playing a clip from someone saying that the virus was recombined with flu and HIV. You agreed with him, and said that this info was probably repressed because the person saying it had criticised Obama and Clinton.
Are you not a native English speaker?
The 'someone' is Francis Boyle, who wrote the legislation for the biological weapons convention. He has international standing in bio weapons.
At NO POINT do I say I agree with him, and after the clip I am READING FROM AN ARTICLE not giving my personal opinion.
I'm sorry, strike three.
You did not address the 80% claim either.
Please consider that you are suffering from Mass formation and simply will not be able to comprehend simple facts.
Of course, It could be me that is suffering from it. Either way, you come across as hostile, very patronizing and uninformed on all points you raised.
Thank you for playing.
The Australian vaccine had these elements. Look it up.
And btw, this guy was right. Look at the mess the vaccins have become with variants.
Give up
I did address your 80% error in another email.
And I've sent you two clips now of you and John discussing the coronavirus having HIV genes. At no point do either of you do anything but agree.
You seem to want to have it both ways: to claim that you and No Agenda are a source of real information, but as soon as you get challenged about your mistakes (or lies), you back off into the "we're just reporting what others have said".
In fact, John replied to my first email telling me that I was wrong to suggest you had been mistaken about any of the false claims I listed.
So, John thinks you're making factual statements, but you want to claim that you're just reporting on others' claims.
Which is it?
>The Australian vaccine had these elements. Look it up.
They weren't talking about the vaccine. And you weren't talking about the vaccine.
You were talking about the coronavirus having HIV features.
You've done this on several occasions, and at no point have you pushed back against it.
>>>Also - just step back a moment and do a common-sense check. Do you think if all vaccinated pregnant women worldwide had a miscarriage rate of 82% the only reporting would be from fringe conspiracy websites?<<<<
Oh, you mean like the virus being leaked from a lab? The very same 'fact check
network' you use had that one pretty wrong didn't they?
That criticism would only make sense if the virus did come from a lab. Which there is currently no evidence for.
Indeed, we are starting to find viruses that are likely direct ancestors of sars-cov-2:
These bat viruses have spike protein binding sequences that are almost identical to sars-cov-2.
Furthermore, we know that viruses jump from animals to humans all the time.
The firsts SARS virus came from animals. MERS (another coronavirus) came from animals. There are 4 other endemic human coronavirus that likely came from animals.
Influenza, ebola, hantavirus, henipavirus, hendra virus, HIV, rabies, zika, marburg, lassa, rift valley fever, tick-borne encephalitis, west nile, yellow fever etc all are viruses with zoonotic origins.
It's not impossible that this new coronavirus came from a lab. But at the moment there is no actual evidence, and all of our previous experience with viruses tells us that an animal origin is overwhelmingly likely.
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2021.09.28 22:00 PlasticDiscussion590 Has anyone successfully got a set of 4 wheels and tires to a model Y inside a model Y?

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2021.09.28 22:00 Robjchapm Service Availability

I just hit my scheduled service per warranty in the US for my 2019 F-Pace. It’s Sept. 28th and the next availability at any of the surrounding dealerships is November 22nd. Anyone experiencing the same? Luckily I am still in the free service window but 2 months out seems excessive and almost like its planned for something. The other odd thing but not expected because of car shortage is these dealerships are only advertising 3 new vehicles on their website when you drive by the lot is full. In the Cincinnati/Indianapolis/Louisville area is where I have been experiencing this.
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2021.09.28 22:00 syunsquared Cafe Patoro $5.99 NYC

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2021.09.28 22:00 Strike_Gently Bryce Remsburg about Brodie: "Now 18 months later, we head to Rochester. But without its favorite son. There’ll be sadness. But also excitement to celebrate him, experience his hometown, and tell stories. Probably some tears. But also more of those laughs and smiles. Please join us, he’d like that."

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2021.09.28 22:00 skittlesmadlad when jack finds out straightboy69420 is a virus put on the subreddit just to annoy him

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2021.09.28 22:00 StretchCreative6466 Anyone knows a good pair of the Shanghai Kaleidoscope. Would be appreciated!

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2021.09.28 22:00 kevinaga93 Where to go for pumpkin pie?

My girlfriend's family loves pumpkin pie and they're coming over for Thanksgiving so I need to wow them. Where do you guys go for your amazing pumpkin pie?
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2021.09.28 22:00 Glockadile40 Stan race?

Best race for stamsorc?
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2021.09.28 22:00 fake_voice_crack Been a while since I’ve looked here, got a couple stories

1: some cunt in a discord server posted a real cp vid between two boys, I got absolutely fuming and we all fucking smoked him before he got banned. He tried to make the excuse he was sent it but why the fuck would you keep it and send it to other people you prick. Later on I had a falling out with that server but that’s not related to this topic, ask me later. No matter how many of us reported his account, IT IS STILL VISIBLE IN MY BLOCKED LIST.
2: someone came into my Instagram messages looking for a dominator, I alerted him that I was a minor and that he should only ask questions or have a general conversation. A few questions about my sexuality later and he asks if I wanted to see his trans dick. The fucker tried to use education as an excuse and that I’ve never seen one before but I was already pissed. Afterwards I googled female to male penises and more unrelated information. The important parts of the chat are visible on my account @ghostboner69420
Moral of the stories: test me you fucking weasels, I dare you to see my emotions towards you unsaveable excuses to humanity
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2021.09.28 22:00 johnrock001 Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations

Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations -
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2021.09.28 22:00 decyphier_ What class did you pick for season+, and are you enjoying it?

Me? Corsair.
Do I like it? Hell no. I am just deciding what I want to choose with my timepiece.
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2021.09.28 22:00 NeverNuked A political comeback.

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