33 [M4F] 8-5 Chat Buddy with holidays. Benefits not included.

2021.09.28 22:15 Nick_at_night238 33 [M4F] 8-5 Chat Buddy with holidays. Benefits not included.

Seeking someone else who's also bored out of their mind still stuck at home because of Covid. Are you a genuinely curious person who loves animals and pets, loves to cook and try new things, talk nerdy but also have real deep conversations while being sarcastic and goofy as hell then DM me.
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2021.09.28 22:15 Haarlok Decided to draw my favourite Stand from Part 8 with Coal

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2021.09.28 22:15 afreakwhopostsstuff Are people right to assume you're a bad person if you find dark humor funny?

I mean, dark humor usually invloves saying something immoral or bad in their jokes so are people right to assume you're a bad person if you find it funny?
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2021.09.28 22:15 svanapps Alabama Food Insecurity, Postcards from Pittsburgh, US/Mexico Border, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 28, 2021

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2021.09.28 22:15 chasemanspaceman What is the cringiest thing you have seen someone do?

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2021.09.28 22:15 Mercxxyy Thought on Anna?

Okay so... I ask this because I am a big Anna Henrietta fan. I myself don't even know why. She just is very cool to me. BUT! A lot of people I know don't really like her so- I am asking here! What do you all think of her? If not let me know why!
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2021.09.28 22:15 Plattfuss82 MAG Dk DD, Zen+? For best support? RAID

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2021.09.28 22:15 PatSaidJack US government will run out of money by October 18, Treasury secretary says☺☻They stop paying congress and the supreme court too, right?

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2021.09.28 22:15 Akalistaric My first W! Finally!

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2021.09.28 22:15 kiffmolmeh CFL busted

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2021.09.28 22:15 black-eyed_witch It’s the knockout, sir! No regrets 😁

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2021.09.28 22:15 TrajanPro Suddenly, cat not really eating or drinking much and lethargic; lot's of stomach growls/rumbling

Species: Siberian
Age: 2 years
Sex/Neuter status: male, neutered
Body weight: ~10 pounds
History: no issues before this
Our Siberian cat has never had any health issues before. Yesterday his stomach started rumbling/making noises and he has stopped eating except for very very little. He won't eat his normal food which is always eats but will eat treats if we give him treats (so it seems he doesn't want to eat but he will eat treats?)
He has been a very energic cat so it is very unsettling to see him so down and not really doing anything. We took him to the vet yesterday, they said nothing seemed to be wrong with him, just to keep an eye and come back after a few days if anything else happens.
He doesn't usually meow and that's stayed the same, and he hasn't vomited though he has done the motion some times. He doesn't seem in immediate pain or anything either.
It's just weird because he was like perfectly fine the day before yesterday but in these past 2 days he has done a 180.
Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
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2021.09.28 22:15 Pumpkin-Adept She just can’t let it go

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2021.09.28 22:15 NewUser6023 Poor connection Light Bulb

Hi, My Aqara light bulb in my office has the poorest (strength 4) connection to the hub. I read that all power operated Aqara devices work as a repeater. Very close to my office bulb, I have an Aqara bulb in the hallway. If all power operated Aqara products work as a repeater, my office bulb should have very good connection. Am I missing something? Do so need to change something in the setting? It seems like that all my accessories want to communicate just to the hub and not to each other - so it extends the signal?
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2021.09.28 22:15 Captain_Spaulding99 I could really use some advice...

Hello, my friends. I find myself in a bit of a situation. I have no income, no tertiary education, and no family left. I am a 28 year old white male INTP, I have recently had to close the art gallery I had been managing, and I have almost no marketable skills.
What I do have is a Ryzen 7 5800, 16 gb RAM and 3050 Nvidia RTX 4gb gaming laptop. A Lenovo Legion 5. I have a produced some artworks in oil and acrylic, though not for a few years. I can read and write and play music.
I am here to ask you if there is anything novel, or difficult - and yet lucrative - the people of this sub can suggest that I can put these resources I have towards earning a living?
I haven't come unprepared. Here is my basic plan. Bear in mind, I have no dependents, friends, or anything other than alone time. I can do 12 hours of work and not bat an eye. Er, probably...
I can do freelance writing, transcribing, and virtual assistant work with half my time. I'm sure it cannot be that difficult to earn some noodles and cigarette money and at least survive. The other portion will be dedicated to learning a skill. What that is depends on the outcome of this post. I have always been enchanted by the idea of software development, and if I do go that route, I have always wanted to do the design, coding, textures and music for an RPG, much like ConcernedApe did with Stardew. Obviously not yet another farming sim, though, depend upon it. How long will it take until I can make money, though? I don't have too many bills but deodorant would be nice.
I feel like there could be other options though, even ways I could start earning now. This awesome machine seems so ripe with possibilities. What do you folks think?
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2021.09.28 22:15 efecan75 Polka City: Are you ready for the third treasure hunt?

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2021.09.28 22:15 Stargateur Game catch joystick input even without windows focus and start quit the queue

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2021.09.28 22:15 time_machines_ 19 [M4R] [Friendship] Madrid/Spain - Don't spell part backwards, it's a trap.

I'm an international student who arrived in Madrid about 3 weeks ago. I'm going to be here for the next four years and I'm looking for friends!
Random things about me: I love reading and writing fiction, graphic design, listening to music, math, gaming, animé, sleeping, being an extrovert without knowing how to, wondering what would happen if I heat a can of deodorant, programming, business and a bunch of other stuff.
I'm studying finance at UC3M and I don't know much Spanish, but I'm trying to learn!
I'm looking for someone who I can meet irl, and hang out with and talk to. If you think we'd get along, send me a chat request and please introduce yourself!
Thank you for reading, and have a great day!
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2021.09.28 22:15 SuriSuriMasuri Superb Survivors acting like pussies

Right now im using the mod Superb Survivors and it works great and all and I love the customisation and all that. But Survivors are such pussies and will run at the single sight of a zombie and frankly im getting sick of all my survivors running around like rabbits getting eaten. I have my settings set to very brave but regardless they run around like headless chicken instead of fighting, Often they ignore my orders as well. Does anyone know a fix?
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2021.09.28 22:15 signernic [USA-WA][H] New Nintendo 2DS XL (Black + Blue) [W] $150 PayPal G&S

Hey everyone, looking to get rid of this guy today. In good condition and includes original box and AC adapter. Shipping is included in the price.
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2021.09.28 22:15 lucaxx85 Receveid review 15 days after withdrawing submission (due to journal unresponsiveness) [update post]

Original post here
Basically, we did not receive any single news from a journal for more than 10 months. (Small journal from major editor). When we asked updates in the last 2 months to the editorial office, the editor, the editor via personal email, they went no contact. Zero. Both via email and editorial manager.
So we sent a withdrawal notice 15 days ago and received again no feedback. And sent the paper elsewhere.
Tonight we received the review.
First question... What the actual fuck???
Second question: now what???
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2021.09.28 22:15 ragggaerat How tall are women on r/uconn?

Same jazz! poll for women. Please answer truthfully and upvote for sample size
View Poll
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2021.09.28 22:15 plam92117 Why Animal Restaurant will fail if it was real

I've been getting some great responses to the jokes I make here, so I figured it would be fun to compile reasons why the operation and practices of Animal Restaurant will never work in the real world.
Disclaimer: Everything I say is for entertainment purposes and I'm well aware that it's just a game. This is just for fun and laughs.

  1. Your employees' working conditions are borderline slavery. They only get 1-2 minute breaks every once in awhile, they have to work 24/7 and can never go home. You also do not pay them regularly, if at all. Sure they get raises but its a small lump sum in exchange for their freedom. They can't even spend the money if they wanted to.
  2. Why are the customers walking around where the food is being cooked? Are there no safety standards around here? Poor Eggy probably gets trampled on on a regular basis.
  3. You see the tip jar? Who gets the tips? Not Jiji who does all of the work, not jackoff Timmy who pretends to work and doesn't do anything, and certainly not Chef Gumi. It is us. The owners who KEEPS the tips all to ourselves. That's pretty messed up don't you think?
  4. Where do the ingredients for the food come from? I'm certainly not buying them. I only buy the recipes. So it's probably the chef that has to buy them with their own money to provide food for the customers.
  5. You can reject takeout orders because you don't like what they ordered. Imagine having that happen to you in real life.
  6. You have to force people to come to your courtyard with a blow of a whistle. Like some sort of concentration camp.
  7. You have the mysterious merchant that comes and tries to offer you secret letters and expired halloween ingredients. And this black market behaviour is happening right in front of everyone. But who's going to report you? Who would they even report you to?
  8. The money we earn goes towards expensive furniture we don't need. And worst of all, we use it to gamble in the gachapon machine. On a daily basis. And none of that goes to the staff.
  9. We have no standards for our employees. Eggy was literally homeless. And he spends his days on the floor, picking up scraps off the floor. And he doesn't even get to keep it. It all goes back to us. Good job Eggy. Now get back to scrubbing the floor. You should be thankful I'm letting you work here for free.
  10. The latest update has a potion that makes people big, and you can force them to give you money against their will by tapping on them. And this is all done without their consent.
These are just some of the ones I can think of right now. Feel free to share your own!
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2021.09.28 22:15 mrhobbeys Oil futures suffer first decline in 6 sessions

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2021.09.28 22:15 zachiscool7 Why does it have to be a frog though?

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