I’m great!!

2021.09.28 20:57 Slick-Duceman-DDS I’m great!!

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2021.09.28 20:57 Persicophobia I finally got my female koi betta!

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2021.09.28 20:57 Select_Egg8139 Cum trib to bolly hoes ✊🏻💦💦💦💦 dm telgrm akiramakato

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2021.09.28 20:57 fudandelion Nana Fanart by moshimoshibe

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2021.09.28 20:57 zion2674 batcrap crazy

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2021.09.28 20:57 river_22 15m - felt cute, might delete later lmao

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2021.09.28 20:57 WaterUup2 Who cares if there are plenty of fish if you don't know how to fish.

I'm 22(M), I've never dated due to a lack of self confidence and worth. I see my friends getting married and find people they love. It kinda hurts me because I don't even know how to start looking. I've tried Tender and Bubble because they where free, and I never get matches. I put a lot of effort into my profiles, and honestly I'm not really picky. I might just be that ugly, but I still wanna try.
My question is where should I go to look/how do I go about meeting people? What should I put in my profile and what kind of pictures should I use? I'm completely helpless here, and I just need a starting point. Anything is helpful at this point.
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2021.09.28 20:57 -HAMMU- Hammie boi on the roof

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2021.09.28 20:57 Cloudy_Pufff people of Reddit who AREN’T socially awkward, what would be your best piece of advice for the people who are?

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2021.09.28 20:57 No-Problem-4906 Airplane racoon

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2021.09.28 20:57 lO_oj I just want to appreciate the bravery of this player

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2021.09.28 20:57 No_bet_s Catalyst

For this stock to move how everyone wants it to and thinks somehow this is hitting $60 or even close in the next coming months before the years end there needs to be some sort of major catalyst in the works. I’m not talking BTC going to all time highs because you will be sitting on your hands for a lot longer if you think that’s the driver we need…we need someone like Cathy woods to come in and purchase a load of shares…to create bullish sentiment. This stock is vertically integrated and it’s a play on energy/crypto mining and that’s right down her alley of stocks. This company would have to prove itself worthy of her investment. Everyone waiting on a short squeeze this stock doesn’t have the backing of GME/AMC. It’s hardly talked about. The world has forgotten after the merger. We can’t do this with just slight retail buying “pressure” here and there
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2021.09.28 20:57 Tomaasik Thats worst feeling that i know

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2021.09.28 20:57 New_Acanthocephala67 Need help with world tendency!

I'm looking for someone to invade me or let me summon them as a red at Kings tower, need to get my world tendency to pure white!
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2021.09.28 20:57 Arma-gaming Check out one of my songs from my album! let me know what you think and feel free to listen to the rest of the album. Hope you enjoy, Thanks!

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2021.09.28 20:57 TheMarlenx What if the US pressured the Allies to give up their overseas territories (except for Canada) in the Americas after Allied defeats in 1940/1941?

Let's say Americans have a more negative view of the UK and France than they do in OTL. Americans view all European holdings in the Americas as cancerous extensions of colonial empires. Thus, they support the US using various means to pressure the Allied powers to relinquish their claims on their American territories to the United States.
How would the UK and exiled European governments react to American demands? Would they be willing to keep their claims on their territories even if it risked the US witholding aid or stopping trade?
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2021.09.28 20:57 huestom I (22M) am wondering what book, video, podcast, quote or anything has made the most impact into being able to not feel lonely and not be dependant of others in order to become relatively happy.

The realisation that I "cannot" be by myself and be content struck deeply into my self-esteem. Leaving me in blood pool of sorrow.
Mostly at nights, where I just scroll through my feed, watch or play games to be able to escape this feeling.
Seeing that I am not alone in the internet, where there's an influx of people who feel the same way, stuck on a loop that you can't get out of.
It is a life goal of mine to live by myself in a van, somewhere in a mountain, or under a bridge in a city. Ideally with someone else I love, because I like to share my happiness.
I got to my cafe, and I get told I'm "very cheery for Monday morning" as If she expects a sad boy serving coffees. But you know, whenever I stop interaction with costumers or else, I become in a state of depression, and perhaps this expectation where I need to be with someone comes from social media, or seeing all time friends go out very regularly where as I go home, and feel empty and alone just as I am writing this, and I just want to be ok with myself being alone.
Man I wish I could speak to my grandad in person.
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2021.09.28 20:57 bjornoya what is bladee’s merch support email

2/3 shirts shipped weeks ago but one still hasn’t come and i’m worried
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2021.09.28 20:57 Artem-Gorenko Meme by Artem_Gorenko#0662

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2021.09.28 20:57 Cod-gives-me-a-boner What would a good road bike for under 1000 dollars?

What should I look for? Is a 2013 cannon dale caad 10 a good choice if I replace the wheels?
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2021.09.28 20:57 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 20:57 grennysohail The Lifes worth Saving Fanfiction


I do not know about the community as a whole, but this fanfiction has to be one of my favorite naruto time travel fics out there. It is not him being optimistic, nor evil, or even average. It really highlights the full weight of the atrocities that he survived and the difficulty of going back in time and seeing everything lost again. I really like the paradox idea, it's a great way for him to interact and eventually teach his younger self, while also adding a sense of urgency to his mission.

This fanfiction is discontinued, but I always find myself coming back to it after reading other time travel fics. I hope one day someone would announce that he/she picks this up or the original author suddenly comes back and decides to finish it. Either way, this is definitely worth a read if you have not done so before.
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2021.09.28 20:57 mimbsenpai Sad truth of Nxb Nv, It's soon gonna shutdown if they continue worsening the events!

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2021.09.28 20:57 balaviz15 Looking for crossovers under 35$k

Looking for crossovers under $35k

  1. RAV4
  2. CRV
  3. CX5
  4. Sportage
  5. forrestor
  6. escape
  7. x3 (cert pre owned)
  8. Acura RDX ( cert pre owned)
Kindly help me to decide on the list?
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2021.09.28 20:57 Hoboknife614 Mail person’s response to note asking to take previous tenant’s mail.(orange paper)

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