Is Impossible Pork kosher for Muslims?

2021.09.28 21:30 farklinkbot Is Impossible Pork kosher for Muslims?

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2021.09.28 21:30 Nkb3283 Nothing much, just my rabbit

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2021.09.28 21:30 NintendoFan5677 Im just gonna leave this here

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2021.09.28 21:30 HistoryIsDaBest123 Please help a really confused history major for his ED

Really confused about which level of school I should be applying for ED, I know that my application is strong but my grades are lacking quite a bit. Thinking of vandy/Cornell/washu for ED and doing umich for EA. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Background: American male living in Asia, private British school, not applying for financial aid (full pay everywhere), no hooks
Intended Major: History
GCSE's/O-Levels: 1A*, 4A, 4B, 1C
A-Levels (Maths, History, Economics): A, A, B
SAT: 1570 (790 English, 780 maths)
EC's: (purposely vague)

  1. History research project at (one of, hopefully two of but still working on getting the 2nd) HYPSM
  2. History research at a T30
  3. Art history Internship/project at a very very famous art museum
  4. Intern/summer job at National history museum in my country
  5. Online volunteer for the [redacted] Institution's history department
  6. Sport (very high/varsity level, multiple awards)
  7. Sport (very high/varsity level, multiple competition wins)
  8. Summer volunteer for UNICEF project in a South American country
  9. Ocean life migration research + beach plastics research in an African country
  10. Founder of my own finance club
  11. Writer for a student led publication
  12. Community service/volunteer teaching English at an orphanage of sorts
  1. University of Oxford Computer Science challenge award
  2. Bronze award in a national British maths competition
  3. Duke of Edinburgh bronze & silver awards
LOR's + essays:
LOR's: should be good I'm close to my teachers + counselor - especially my history teacher
Essays: they should be (I hope) good - have a college counselor to help
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2021.09.28 21:30 reddit_feed_bot The Epoch Times: Michigan State University Cuts Dining Hall Hours Amid Statewide Labor Shortage

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2021.09.28 21:30 Josef_Joris Reddit nowadays

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2021.09.28 21:30 dontlikemonda Coinbase's New Direct Deposit Feature Will Let You Get Paid in Crypto - Money

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2021.09.28 21:30 GreatEquase I need to find this red panda, his name might be Ralweigh but that might be a name my friend who took the pictures gave him, he is probably located in a zoo in England, these pictures are probably a few years old.

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2021.09.28 21:30 SmaRetrader Why don't we short HOOD?

Once the shittery they've done around GME and the lies they told afterwards are exposed they're dead!
How come they're green today??
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2021.09.28 21:30 BlogSpammr Gearlaunch Bootleg Spammer - Vegetable-Escape

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2021.09.28 21:30 WoodlandxWarrior Drainage Easement Culvert Leveling

Hello everyone, I have a drainage easement in the back of my property that is about a 10 foot drop at about a 20* angel where the property, and surrounding properties drain to. I just got off phone with the town, and I gave permission to level out the property as long as I don't mess with the functionality of the drainage. I am planning on adding drainage pipe around the house towards the backyard drainage spot, keeping about a 2* downslope to continue to help with drainage, and leveling out the back with landscapers tarp, 3/4 stone, and top soil. What are your opinions on this? How do I go about doing this so that I can keep the functionality, and doing it the right way?
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2021.09.28 21:30 xgreen_anxietyx Transcripts?

I often share information from BTB with a friend who can't listen to podcasts. Are there any transcripts out there that she could read instead?
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2021.09.28 21:30 Rafa_Natali [FOR HIRE] Commissions Open! Character Design, Fan Art , Illustration... Just DM me on Insta or here for more Infos :) @Rafa_Natali [Artist]

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2021.09.28 21:30 vicjes99 Customs

Hi all! I just ordered my first box without really thinking about anything, and it got me worried later on about the customs in my country (Sweden). I have done some Google searches but I didn't really get an answer that I liked. I'll probably just contact the swedish customs later on but can anyone from EU or Sweden let me know if you've had any issues with the customs before with anything TT related?
I've ordered stuff from Japan before, but last time I ordered some sweets, I had to write the nutritional content for every product and send it to the customs. Since TT is a surprise box I don't really know what's going to be inside of the box, so I don't really know what to do if that ever happens again.
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2021.09.28 21:30 rick1991nl Celebrations etb’s at GameStop??!!

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2021.09.28 21:30 _Ripley They're still heavy, but I'm getting used to them

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2021.09.28 21:30 ShortAlgo $MITO Waiting for Buy signal on MITO

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2021.09.28 21:30 SubHomunculus 2E Daily Spell Discussion: Concordant Choir - Sep 28, 2021

Link: Concordant Choir
What items or class features synergize well with this spell?
Have you ever used this spell? If so, how did it go?
Why is this spell good/bad?
What are some creative uses for this spell?
What's the cheesiest thing you can do with this spell?
If you were to modify this spell, how would you do it?
Does this spell seem like it was meant for PCs or NPCs?
Previous spell discussions
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2021.09.28 21:30 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.09.28 21:30 DarkGhostHunter Bajo el precio de Xbox Game Pass en Chile.

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2021.09.28 21:30 ShortAlgo Waiting for Buy signal on $HYLN

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2021.09.28 21:30 eh_toque Tyler Bertuzzi, Mackenzie Blackwood and Zac Rinaldo all share the same agent, Todd Reynolds (UpTown Hockey). Reynolds has 16 clients in total per PuckPedia

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2021.09.28 21:30 ShortAlgo $EAT Waiting for Short signal on EAT

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2021.09.28 21:30 postmastern Цинковые челюсти. Муравьи-листорезы режут листья цинком.

Цинковые челюсти. Муравьи-листорезы режут листья цинком. Наши зубы покрыты прочной эмалью, в которой содержится очень много кальция и фосфора в составе минерала гидроксиапатита. На челюстях муравьёв-листорезов тоже есть что-то вроде эмали, только у них она цинковая. Собственно, о том, что на челюстях листорезов есть много цинка, было известно давно, но не было понятно, как именно устроена муравьиная эмаль. Сотрудники Орегонского университета пишут в Scientific Reports, что атомы цинка скрепляют между собой молекулы белков, которыми покрыты челюсти муравьёв.
(Фото: Alejandro Soffia /
Цинковая эмаль тоже очень прочная, но, в отличие от нашей, она помогает муравьям разрезать листья. Как известно, листорезам нужны листья для выращивания грибов: вырезанные кусочки листьев они пережёвывают и удобряют ими грибницу в муравейнике. Белково-цинковые комплексы формируют острые режущие края — чего не получилось бы с кристаллами гидроксиапатита, из которых состоит наша эмаль. С белково-цинковым покрытием муравьи режут листья легко и точно. Как обычно говорят в таких случаях, возможно, муравьиное ноу-хау пригодится нам в создании прочных режущих материалов.
Источник: Наука и жизнь
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2021.09.28 21:30 Shirl86 Pop Pop Kokomi [Pop Cat Meme Motion]

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