Thanks I hate Spider vs cockroach

2021.10.16 04:41 pillsbury_d0ughb0y Thanks I hate Spider vs cockroach

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2021.10.16 04:41 Trick-Regret-493 Do esport teams get to change the clan name?

I feel like these clans always named xyz esports from lvl 1?
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2021.10.16 04:41 BossHoggs What movie got a technical aspect super duper wrong?

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2021.10.16 04:41 dylanroop LNEWRK - A tattoo art inspired NFT collection. more on the way!

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2021.10.16 04:41 Derpelevista Hairstyle dilemma

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2021.10.16 04:41 garbagehuman9 phantom pain

i keep hearing this word thrown around a lot for vr haptics but can’t find anything on it is it just an umbrella term for any haptics or like certain brand
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2021.10.16 04:41 idoartsonweekends 25 [M4F] Looking for someone to get to know until my birthday next month or someone to inspire me to continue making art

Hi. Looking for someone constant or landi or more tbh. Looking to share interests, secrets, hobbies, and rants. Im into arts, korean stuff, cuddles, anime, chicken wings, and Sherlock. Hmm interested?
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2021.10.16 04:41 ZeroOneJump Captainverse event rerun without character/equipment banner

Sanka Saga is the first Captainverse, and by proxy the whole limited time event to have a rerun, followed with the upcoming The Day You Vanished with the Stars. For many veterans, this is really surprising, considering the fact that miHoYo's HI3 team is never doing a rerun event for once, save for the occasional Time Capsule store for those who want certain items from previous events. But there is something that at least for me is kinda confusing, especially for those who experiencing the Captainverse event for the first time: no characteequipment supply banner for certain characters who become the central focus of that event, save for Delta (Augment Core upgrade for Rozaliya) from Honkai Quest.
For some people who started their Captainverse experience from this event, they probably want to have those characters in their roster by waiting for their character banner will available in some title updates. Only for them to realize that if they want to play those characters, they have to work their way to get those characters; saving lots of Gold Pins for Darkbolt Jonin, Starlit Astrologos, and Haxxor Bunny fragments in Battle Arsenal, along with Ancient Legacy and Ancient Willpower in War Treasury for Fallen Rosemary. Then they have to work their way to properly gear those characters for certain challenge modes until the banner for their signature equipment available in the future title update. Meaning that if the things like this happenes in Sanka Saga, it's possible if this also applies to the rerun of The Day You Vanished with the Stars, and potentially Rosemary's Floriograph and Arc: Light Bound.
I like to hear from you, especially those who played the Captainverse event from Sanka Saga (late 2019) onwards. Do you think the rerun without characteequipment banner for those central characters in specific Captainverse event is kinda stressful for those who tries the story for the first time?
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2021.10.16 04:41 ThaSkywalker Like4Like and Watch4watch! Share your links below and i will return the favor!
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2021.10.16 04:41 EIPresidente Perfume is rude.

Don't wear perfume in restaurants. Don't wear it to parties. Please don't wear it to work for fuck sake. I don't need your scent burned into my brain and stuck to my clothing all day. Don't hold my baby. Don't hug me, my dog or my man. LOOKIN AT YOU BOOMERS. It is completely inconsiderate to everyone in your immediate vicinity, and inconsiderate to the rest of EVERY ONE ELSE'S day. I don't want your cheap perfume or cologne on my stuff or in my nasal cavity. I didn't consent to this indecency. You probably don't have a sense of smell any more because the way this stuff has burned through your nose hairs and melted that section of your brain.
For example:
Please don't wear so much perfume that I can smell it the next table over in a restaurant. I don't need to taste your cheap perfume in my entire sinus cavity on one of the few special-occasion date nights I actually get with my person. I couldn't taste my food. We snuck off to another table, doing our best to not be seen so we wouldn't hurt their feelings. Would they have done the same? No. I know that basic societal consideration isn't their strong suit because she and her 3 kids spent the whole meal on their cell phones not talking to each other.
Another example:
I have already expressed to my parents to not let this lady hold my baby, but somehow tonight, I turned around and there she was... holding my baby. Her perfume burns my nostrils at 10 paces, I feel bad for baby's tiny and sensitive developing nose. Baby started crying immediately so I picked her up and took her home. I HAD to give my infant and myself a bath because this lady lathered herself in Clinique Happy. I literally threw up because I couldn't get that smell off me fast enough. There is still trace scent on my skin after a shower and change of clothes.

If perfume is your thing, don't force it to be my thing. Maybe only wear it for your partner in private settings. It's like glitter or COVID. Keep it to yourself. Gross.
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2021.10.16 04:41 Anthrox3112 Historical materialism applied to animal relationship with humans

In one post, the OP said that meat is the original privilige based in the fact that in medieval times you might be executed for killing an animal for meat in a royalty territory. But idk if that is true. So...?
Also, eating animals is a fundamental characteristic of capitalism?
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2021.10.16 04:41 yarelin A season dedicated to underwater areas

I've been playing for almost 2 years now and I've always wanted an area where we could dive or swim freely; just as we can with flying. There's this underwater area in the Valley's ice rink but it doesn't really serve its purpose because you just end up sliding on the ice. I don't know, just some thoughts about features that I wish we could get in future seasons.
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2021.10.16 04:41 yunasato Tokyo Vibes

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2021.10.16 04:41 PolymerPussies Eevee the unicorn cat 2, watercolor

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2021.10.16 04:41 ncslammer8 05-06 Fandom Moments Team Completions

Does anyone know will fandom moments count towards team sets? For example, Chris Bosh has only a rare RIB available right now but in the blog it lists him having a fandom moment upcoming. Will fandom moments count towards team completions?
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2021.10.16 04:41 JohnnyPowdersville Good win over Syracuse 17-14 tonight!

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2021.10.16 04:41 Apprehensive-Let-209 😒

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2021.10.16 04:41 BabatundeLatunji Richer or makar?

Should I take x-factor eichel or makar?
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2021.10.16 04:41 54y4u768u7i Obsessed, amazing art ❤️

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2021.10.16 04:41 StingRayGurl serving help: how can i serve over the net?!?

so basically ive been playing for about a year in total and im trying out for some teams pretty soon for the first time. i think i mostly really just need to improve my serving and i for some reason cannot serve it over the net. id want to try out for a back row position because im not great at hitting, but i cant serve over the net, which definitely decreases my chances of getting a spot.
ive never once served it over the net from the end line, and i dont know what to do to get it over. my serves always either end up hitting the net or hitting the floor, and theyre not even close to going over. i wouldnt say im particularly weak, so i dont know what i might be doing wrong or not doing. i try to do everything ive seen other people do in youtube videos etc, but i dont know why my serves wont go over! do i just need to get stronger or am i doing something wrong? please help!!
any tips on how to get the ball over the net from the end line and how to have a good serve overall? thanks so much!!
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2021.10.16 04:41 ulatekh The Long Game

The pounding on the door grew more and more frantic. Eleanor continued her laconic pace, finally unlatching the deadbolt and turning the doorknob. Outside stood Sandra, tears streaming down her face, makeup ruined, cell phone close at hand. An uncomfortable moment passed.
"What the hell do you want?" snapped Eleanor.
"You gotta help me!" pleaded Sandra as she stormed inside, pushing Eleanor aside. Eleanor frowned indignantly as she closed and locked the door.
She found Sandra seated on the couch, thumbing her phone madly. "All these girls are prettier than me! And thinner! And more successful!" She sobbed loudly. "I can't stand it!"
Eleanor sat down. "Why does that matter? You still do well for yourself, don't you?"
Sandra looked up ruefully. "Not any more! I haven't had a date in weeks! The boys all go for these better girls! It would take me thousands of dollars, and months of effort, to match them!" She teared up again. "I can't have peaked in high school...I just can't have!" She started sobbing again.
"Why do you think I will do something about it?" Eleanor countered.
"Because you're a nerd!" Sandra exclaimed. "You told me you design algorithms for social media, right? You understand all this, you know, technology and whatever."
"No," Eleanor corrected, "I mean, why should I help you."
"Because we're friends!" Sandra declared. "We've been friends since we were little!"
"That's not how I remember it," Eleanor corrected. "You humiliated me in public more times than I can count."
Sandra stopped and stared, her crying reduced to sniffling. "Really? You even remember that?"
"Victims have much better memories than aggressors," growled Eleanor.
Sandra glared sullenly. "OK, fine! I'm sorry! Is that what you wanted to hear? Now help me! You have to do something about this!"
"Who's to say I didn't?" Eleanor hinted.
Sandra's eyes grew distant. "What do you mean?"
Eleanor smirked. "Technology used to be a refuge for the socially awkward. We could go online and interact with our own kind, far away from bullies. People like you would torment us for every imaginable reason, so we'd stay inside." She looked wistful. "Can you believe the Internet used to be about hobbies, and literature, and invention? Then, one day, it was invaded, by the people we were hiding from. It's never been the same."
Sandra looked cross. "I have no idea what that has to do with anything."
"Don't you see?" Eleanor replied with a cryptic smile. "You may have had the numbers, and the volume, but we had the know-how. And we remembered how you made us feel, reminding us every moment of every day that we weren't good enough. Finally, we realized that was the solution to our problem."
Sandra looked alarmed. "You mean—" she began.
Eleanor nodded. "We designed the social media algorithms to make you feel insecure. To give you a taste of your own medicine."
Sandra's jaw dropped. Eleanor crossed her arms and stared at her, smirking.
"Welcome to being an outcast."
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2021.10.16 04:41 MikanGethi KDE conect and WIFI hotspot S9+

Anyone got a problem with KDE connect and wifi hotspot? Not to long ago (About the time windows connect launched coincidentally) KDE connect stopped working. It no longer recognizes each other through the hot spot. On the phone side KDE-C doesn't even recognize that the thing is active on a wifi modem.
Was wondering if anyone else has a thing about this thing.
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2021.10.16 04:41 Sweaty_Barracuda4428 Carti front rows for sale

Honestly down to sell for a low price
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2021.10.16 04:41 OrdinaryOrder8 What is this strange looking bug? Seemed to be attracted to light, and was maybe half an inch long. Located in Texas.

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2021.10.16 04:41 Wizardous2 Daniel Gafford has shown amazing growth as a rim protector this preseason

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