Looking for Discraft Esp Stings if anyone wants to get rid of a couple

2021.10.16 05:37 jwo_ods Looking for Discraft Esp Stings if anyone wants to get rid of a couple

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2021.10.16 05:37 ianjebus Ghosting! Why does it get to me?

Just random dating rambling/venting.
I (m29) had what I thought was a great date with a woman (f30) 10 days ago! We texted during the week after, exchanged pleasantries. Told each other we thought the other was attractive… then had a tentative date scheduled for Wednesday, which got pushed back to Thursday… now no text conversation at all! Not even a reply!
Put my best foot forward and I can accept not everyone clicking. I can even handle flat out rejection!
But for the love of god why does the Ghosting get to me so much???
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2021.10.16 05:37 LoveDaMeech Hu tao damage calculator/spread sheet?

Looking for a hutao spreadsheet/calc. The one i found doesnt have alot of weapons on it (mainly missing the dragonsbane), does anyone have a better sheet?
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2021.10.16 05:37 silver7una Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin Listen up Apes/Slugs, I am double wrapped in military grade tinfoil tonight. Buckle up, you are about to go on a journey. Whether or not this is a shitpost or DD still is not clear. Enjoy.
This DEFINITELY is not financial advice
60 days has come and gone since CNBC reported about the infamous Wu-Tang clan album "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin" (CNBC Article), and we still don't know who the album's mysterious buyer is. For those who don't know this exclusive work of art was purchased by an unknown company for $7.4 million dollars from the government, and the proceeds were used to cover Martin Shkreli's forfeiture judgement for securities fraud.
Why hasn't the buyer identified themselves as announced by their attorney
"is going to identify themselves in the future, I'd say in the next 30-60 days", Peter Scoolidge
Well, as it turns out I think they maybe they are dropping hints...
60 Days After the Announcement that the albums buyer would identify themselves

30 Days After the Announcement that the albums buyer would identify themselves
When I first saw these tweets I thought to myself they seem like song lyrics, and I googled them to no avail. Last night it clicked...Maybe they ARE song lyrics, to an album so exclusive that only a handful of people in the world have ever heard it. And that only the new album's owner would know.
Gamestop? No way, no way,....I mean maybe...Can't be right? But even if true then why?
Now that you mention it, if I read the lines in those tweets as if they were coming out of say...I don't know, Method Man's mouth? Could I see it, maybe.

So now you might think to yourself, I can see it, but its a bit of a stretch. Let me hit you with my answer to why.

  • "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin" would be the perfect creative masterpiece to mint into a locked content NFT dividend. Peter Scoolidge stated 2 things of note. 1.) "Anyone who buys this album is restricted. Nobody can commercially release it. Contrary to some early reports, it can't be given away for free". 2.) He stated that the buyer is an entity and not an individual.
  • Well technically if Gamestop bought it, then distributing to shareholders as a dividend wouldn't be giving it away...technically shareholders bought it...it is theirs.
  • It can't be released to the public. Which is no problem for a locked content NFT dividend. The content will be unlocked in 88 years (the year 2103 according to the albums legal stipulations). No music is being released.
  • $7.4 million is a cheap dividend to divide amongst shareholders for the purpose of giving a unique dividend that can not be assigned a dollar value for counterfeit/synthetic shorts to simply give cash value for instead when there are more shares in circulation than NFT dividend pieces to go around. Potentially forcing shorts to cover as they would have no means to deliver.
  • And Gamestop is most certainly an entity and not an individual.
  • I also find it interesting that it was bought for 7.4 million and that the albums leather bound book of lyrics has 174 pages....those numbers look familiar to any apes lol.

Credit to u/brbbins1 and u/ic__fl21 for the assist with the memes.

Welcome to my psychotic TED talk
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2021.10.16 05:37 Massive_Dinner 👥 Mini Cardano Token | Don't miss it | Website live! | 🚨 Stealth Launch 10 Minutes | Join Us !! | 💳 BSC Token that provides anonymous VISA cards to all HOLDERS! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

👥 Mini Cardano Token | Don't miss it | Website live! | 🚨 Stealth Launch 10 Minutes | Join Us !! | 💳 BSC Token that provides anonymous VISA cards to all HOLDERS! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

💎 MiniADA - Cryptocurrency token that provides anonymous VISA cards to all HOLDERS!


☎️ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/TheMiniADA

💻 WEBSITE: https://www.mini-ada.com/

💎Buy : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xdf506be09f3bc532cefaf9d6af9d3ae18f2d1d19

💎Contract : 0xdf506be09f3bc532cefaf9d6af9d3ae18f2d1d19

For the first time on DeFi, you can choose to take your Cardano reflections (from holding MiniADA) and anonymously spend them in the real world using any currency. No cross-chain conversions. No registration. No personal details. Soon, you can sit back, relax and watch as the MiniADA token contract automatically determines when it’s time to issue your card.

Dinners, movies, vacations – it’s on us.

Love the proof-of-stake of the famous Cardano crypto? Well this one is for you then!

These guys have created a Binance Smart Chain version of Cardano, with Autostaking and damn it looks promising!

Here are some specs:

✅ Verified Contract

✅ Locked liquidity - Liquidity is locked on DeepLock


💧 2% To liquidity

👤 2% To Development / Marketing wallet


100% of the MiniADA supply was seeded as liquidity. That means no presale and no allocation to team members.


2% of all transactions are distributed to holders in Cardano BEP20. No need to claim, all distributions happen automatically every hour.

✅ Initial investment in locked liquidity

Here's our roadmap:

🌟Phase 1:

Token idea

Create TG group

Create social accounts

Awarness through Reddit/Influencers.

Set a countdown timer and Launch successfully.

🌟Phase 2:

Minor crypto related websites listings with paid upvotes: Coinsniper, Coinhunt, Gemfinder, Coinvote

Marketing push

Videos by TikTokers

Video by Youtuber

Instagram paid stories

Shill Bots

Pinned messages in major Telegram groups

🌟 Phase 3:

Apply for major listings such as:





When the DAPP is complete, you can automatically convert your Cardano reflections as MiniADA cards with a few clicks. No jumping chains. No registration. Just anonymous spending at your choice of 37 million retailers online and ATM usage.


Right out of the gate, MiniADA cards work online, anywhere Mastercard® and Visa® are accepted. When we roll out our physical cards and Apple Pay integration, you’ll be able to spend in person, almost anywhere.


Soon, everyone will be able to unlock the guiltless freedom of everyday spending using their cryptocurrency reflections without interference, questioning, or resistance. Life will be as it should: Financially empowered for all.

☎️ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/TheMiniADA

💻 WEBSITE: https://www.mini-ada.com/
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2021.10.16 05:37 Tylerurby In a subversion of the trend.

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2021.10.16 05:37 ProWalmrtGreetr what spider is this? I want to feed it to my Venus Fly Trap

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2021.10.16 05:37 Fit-Organization636 https://discord.gg/ZzGuCfeg

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2021.10.16 05:37 markie_devo PEPSI X CRACKER JACK! They nailed this one👌🏻🍿🥤⚾️

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2021.10.16 05:37 vmaze81 Smart loyal doggy max 14 inches at shoulder

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
* I grew up with a schnauzer and volunteered at several dog shelters. I did a training course to become a dog trainer (clicker method) but never actually did it.
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a [reputable breeder]( http://ownresponsibly.blogspot.com/2011/07/identifying-reputable-breeder.html)?
* No I dont but rescues are hard to come by here unfortunately
3) Describe your ideal dog.
* Loyal, does not run off, listens well, can be cuddly. Good for our 4 year old child.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
* I generally like bigger dogs, shepherd breeds, because of their demeaner, not "yappy", loyal, a real "big friend". however we will be living in a place where only 1 dog of max 14 inches at the shoulder is allowed
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
* sit, come, would LOVE to do agility
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport? * no experience but its always been a dream to have a dog and do agility with him or her

**Care Commitments**
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day? * 2-3 hours? I mean I will always interact when I am home
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
* I would love to be able to have him/her run with friends at a dog park. my husband will take it out for hikes every weekend too and of course daily walks around the block. It would be good if the dog did not NEED a lot so when some days we dont have time to do much that is no big issue
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly? * would be nice if this was a minimum but no big deal if not, I find the temperament the most important

**Personal Preferences**
10) What size dog are you looking for?
* Max 14" at shoulder
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
* dont like yappy/barking. same with slobber and shedding. but again temperament is the most important. if theres a perfect dog we gladly take this with it.
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
* yes I want a dog that does not just run off and stays with us + listens. this is important as it will go with us walking on trails in BC Canada
**Dog Personality and Behavior**
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
* snuggly
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
* eager to please
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
* friendly but this is no priority, either
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
* no
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
* reactive towards kids (I realize there is always a risk), would this be better with female vs male?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
* at the moment there could be every now and then an 8 hour day although if needed we do doggy daycare
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
* my husband would love a border collie as that is what he grew up with but that will be too big unfortunately. he wants a dog that can go hiking with him but he is not fond of walking daily around the block
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
* aquarium, MAYBE something like rabbit/guinea pig one day, and chickens in the garden maybe one day
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly? \
* yes we have 1 4 year old, she LOVES dogs and will want to pet and walk the dog all the time
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
* shoulder 14 inches max :(
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
* BC Canada, no idea
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
* summers can be very hot but we would have AC in the house, winters very cold
**Additional Information and Questions** 25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant. * No additional information. 26) Feel free to ask any questions below.
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2021.10.16 05:37 Dha_sheep This panel deserves more attention.

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2021.10.16 05:37 danceswithronin Sleep inertia meltdowns/anger

So I've started running into this weird problem where I will take a nap in the middle of the afternoon and if someone disrupts my nap (like a phone call or someone waking me) then there is about a twenty to thirty minute period where I am extremely groggy, agitated, and basically on the brink of a sensory meltdown the minute I wake up. I can hear my tone with people is much more brusque at this point and I can't make eye contact with them, I can feel my whole body just radiating impatience.
This is always shocking to people who wake me up because I'm usually pretty mellow, but being woken up out of sleep makes me instantly angry. It's like I'm sleepy and angry at the same time - slangry, if you will. It's even worse if I had a beer or two before falling asleep, as I sometimes do since I work out of a taphouse sometimes.
This state passes in about half an hour, sometimes fifteen minutes, and after that I can think clearly again. I'm pretty sure it's associated with sleep inertia, but the weird thing is I've never been a person who is hard to wake up in the past. I've always just woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. In the mornings I still do. But if I get disrupted during an afternoon nap, I am instantly pissed.
Anybody else have problems transitioning out of sleep?
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2021.10.16 05:37 mycoldfries If you were bleeding to death, what would be your last words?

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2021.10.16 05:37 squeakymayotoes If I ever find a magic genie, one of my wishes would be for a Cam and Mitch spin off where they have one more baby, with this gem as their surrogate

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2021.10.16 05:37 Computingusername Beautiful spider! Thwaitesia argentiopunctata known as the sequined spider, mirror spider, or twin-peaked Thwaitesia is a species of spider found in Australia.

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2021.10.16 05:37 Euthymic_bitch010100 How do I stop my dog from chasing/terrorising chickens and barking at everything?

I have a 4 year old Labrador. She was good in her first 2 years and even goes to daycare but stopped because of covid. She stayed home with us and wasnt stimulated and developed behavioural issues to the point she got “expelled” from daycare. Now, I moved in with my s/o and he’s got chickens. Doggo didn’t really pay attention to them at first but now won’t stop chasing them. She already killed one (didn’t eat it). We have a few chicks around and she’s a terror. She also keeps barking at everything. Her recall has gotten worst unless bribed with treats but still not 100%.
I am tempted to buy a training collar but not sure where to start.
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2021.10.16 05:37 I_Hoenn_I H: B E 1P gatplasma W: Legacy offers or high end offers

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2021.10.16 05:37 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert HIT AND RUN S RAINBOW BLVD / N SPRING VALLEY PKWY 10/15/2021 8:28:15 PM incident #LLV211000063920
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2021.10.16 05:37 DrewFrostStorm [Ark Survival Evolved] ...Just why. Why did I finish this up? ..oh yeah. For my Ultra Rare Platinums collection. Oof

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2021.10.16 05:37 thelaureness Spoilers for episode 296

Y'all, I NEED to talk about Karen's story. I was 100% certain I knew what was going to happen and then it never did!
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2021.10.16 05:37 OverMachoGrande How to enable fingerprint auth when logged into Zorin OS 16/16 Pro

How to enable fingerprint auth when logged into Zorin OS 16/16 Pro I wanted to share this in case anyone else was running into the same issue with fingerprint-gui, where the fingerprint reader was working to log into Zorin OS, but wasn't usable as an option once logged in to install software, open a password manager, etc.
(I'm running Zorin OS 16 Pro on a Lenovo ThinkPad T440p.)
This is what got the fingerprint reader to work as an authenticator after being logged into Zorin OS:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type sudo pam-auth-update and enter your administrator password when asked
  3. On the resulting screen, be sure that the first item, Fingerprint authentication, is selected! Use the arrow keys to move the red cursor to that line, use the Space bar to toggle whether it's selected (an asterisk will appear in the brackets if you have it selected), then press the Tab key to move down to at the bottom. Press the Space bar one more time to choose and return to the Terminal prompt.

PAM configuration window in Terminal
That's it, you're done!
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2021.10.16 05:37 goamanhara Is Iran also ran by the GOP?

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2021.10.16 05:37 ALASKANBAY Literally "trashy". The person inside the car was also eating and throwing wrappers onto the parking lot.

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2021.10.16 05:37 CarpenterImportant90 Seasonal employee discount?

Worked for the company from 2010-2013 and back then, seasonal got the discount day 1. Just got a PT seasonal job for some extra holiday money and am wondering if the discount rule is still the same? 30 days waived for OS?
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2021.10.16 05:37 MoneyEqual Angela Rayner faces pressure to apologise over 'Tory scum' comments in wake of David Amess' murder

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