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2021.12.05 07:12 ljs5 Groen links

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2021.12.05 07:12 riseofcrystal Welp, he tried.

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2021.12.05 07:12 ManggaAsem Polri Pecat Bripda Randy Bagus dengan Tidak Hormat

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2021.12.05 07:12 OmDasRJN A True Guru relieves human beings from all diseases. A True Guru finishes all sorrows from the life of his devotees. - Saint Rampal Ji

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2021.12.05 07:12 NewOneHereee Love at first sight while in a successful relationship (M23)

Hi everyone,
I’m (M23) in a happy and successful 4 year relationship with a girl that I can see my future with. I’m a firm believer in monogamy as my father left my mum for another woman when I was born and couldn’t do that to anyone else.
A couple of days ago I met a girl and we shared a hour long car ride. The moment I saw her the time just stopped. The whole time we spent talking and the time passed really fast.
During the conversation I saw that she didn’t have the qualities that my girlfriend has which I admire so much.
The problem is that the last few days I can’t stop thinking about her…
I don’t have anyone to talk to that knows what it feels like. Has anyone experienced that before and could help me?
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2021.12.05 07:12 DifferenceSome74 Anyone want to chat?

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2021.12.05 07:12 greenapplepie21 Sex drive was super high first two weeks of Lexapro.. just had sex and felt absolutely nothing

I feel really sad. I’m a very physical person and connecting with my boyfriend through sex wasn’t just physical but emotional too. I hope this doesn’t last.. I’ve been depressed all night about it.
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2021.12.05 07:12 beetrootboy657 68 days

Just threw my 21st party last night. Had it football themed with the premier league on. Had heaps of food, a cake and did a small little speech. Actually went so much better than I thought and I had way more confidence than I did before starting this. I felt more in control of myself and more like I knew who I was. I’ll be going into the new year with 90 days under my belt. Letsss gooooooo!!!
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2021.12.05 07:12 ZakeLovesTea Sisters drawing: Quite good.

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2021.12.05 07:12 KatyChan03 You're so good at this!

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2021.12.05 07:12 MagnusFTW I NEED THE ORNAMENTS!
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2021.12.05 07:12 Randumbweeb Acer nitro 5

How much hz is the display? These are the specs Core i5-10300H 8GB 256GB GTX 1650 15.6 Inch Windows 10. I’m not too sure where to look.
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2021.12.05 07:12 Diegito_comunista ...

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2021.12.05 07:12 MojoDex The heady heights!

The heady heights!
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2021.12.05 07:12 enthusiasticdave One my all time favourite moments. I laugh so much each time I see it!

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2021.12.05 07:12 blake-a-mania Tall people give the Kawasaki Versys a test ride!

I lurk on here in the search for other tall people that need help (I’m 6’3” 225lbs) and I always suggest the tall people bikes
Yamaha TDM Yamaha Tracer Suzuki VStrom Kawasaki Versys Honda Varadero Honda Africa Twin Triumph Tiger
But I recently bought a Versys 650 2009 (6000 miles on the odo £4000) and riding this bike is a dream.
The seating position and height is perfect. So much more comfortable than even the tracer. Seriously give it a go if you’re tall. I was shocked.
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2021.12.05 07:12 AnySketches She looks good in white but kinda sus 🤔

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2021.12.05 07:12 ChardDramatic1572 Any upgrades

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2021.12.05 07:12 PancakeArtist Go Build A Big Home (No. 6/7), Me, Pastel/Digital, 2021

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2021.12.05 07:12 aldisraeli Ricardo Villalobos - Bionic Sad

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2021.12.05 07:12 iAmSyther LUNA.exe

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2021.12.05 07:12 Akr0n Looking for Italian kb for my t450s

Hello, do you have any recommended site to look for purchase a genuine (or at least a reliable compatible) italian backlighted keyboard for my t450s? I've bought it with a German layout kb but... I'm not used to german keebs :P
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2021.12.05 07:12 Previous_Shopping665 Man really calling his song Wonder Of Poo

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2021.12.05 07:12 HoloNews HoloNews ITA ver. 15.11 - 21.11

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2021.12.05 07:12 tyvnzn Laptop - Cybersecurity

Hi! I hope this is the correct place to post this.
I am going to be enrolling into a five year masters program in cybersecurity in France. I am very much starting from nothing as I moved here from the US with no degree, etc. Anyways, this is not about my story, I need suggestions for a good laptop for school. I have a maximum of 3K that I am able to spend (My mother is kind enough to allow this). My day to day life for the first two years will be very dense in coding (we are going to do projects in different languages as it is not specialised the first/second year). In France we do something called 'alternance' the last three years will be spent in school but also as an intern in order to pay for the rest of my tuition. I currently have a Mac that I bought in 2017. I don't know if the information I provided changes anything, but I would really appreciate some input. Please be simple and to the point about pros and cons. Being that 3K is quite generous, keep in mind I am not really here looking for the most bang for my buck. Simply put, if you had 3K to spend what would you do with it?
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