Bu konu bir yerden tanıdık geliyor

2021.12.05 08:15 Zestyclose_Spread988 Bu konu bir yerden tanıdık geliyor

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2021.12.05 08:15 shakyblake Demolition of building items?

So I accidentally misplaced a stone piece in my base. Is there a way to more easily destroy it besides attempting to hit it with a pickaxe 10k times?
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2021.12.05 08:15 pickaname199 Rapid PCR test at Chennai Airport takes a toll on international travellers

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2021.12.05 08:15 Lil_Fishbait Been struggling with mental health lately, any pick me ups are appreciated

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2021.12.05 08:15 goth-party Hello, new here :)

Hello, new here… I don’t wanna write a whole ordeal, (though there is ordeals to be shared) but 1) thank you all for being here and I am happy to have found this community 2) I’ve been obsessed lately, completely invested in reading material around CSA prevention. I feel a burning in my heart that I want to just “end all csa” and I don’t really know where to start… I sometimes share my research with others and even call things out and have open conversation but most people find it to be a creepy and uncomfortable topic and chalk it up to ‘im into pedophilia the way people are into true crime’. But it’s not the same.! It’s about wanting to do something. I’m not investing in criminals and theyre psychological state, I want to invest in underage folks who could use trusted adults and resources and knowledge… it’s 3am here so not my best writing, but again I thank u all for being here and I am open to hearing about any known programs to volunteework with or about your role as a mentor to other young people. Cheers.
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2021.12.05 08:15 greatwall2103 that was a heavy brick indeed

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2021.12.05 08:15 Dankmememaster-Loud THe MOST EPIC FARD CROSSOVER SINCE ENDGAME

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2021.12.05 08:15 Sandy_Sandy_1233 Tello mobile plan - 2GB plus unlimited talk & text for $3/mo + $10 sign up bonus with Tello referral code - P3DK42PX

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2021.12.05 08:15 Winstonoceaniasmith French climber handed Mont Blanc gems after 2013 find

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2021.12.05 08:15 BananaPortkey Wayland + External Monitor w/ laptop, when disconnecting from display, laptop resolution does not change?

Hey there,
I'm loving KDE Wayland so far, everything is working really smoothly, but I do have a consistently annoying issue with external monitors.
I have a Thinkbook 13S Gen 2 (AMD). It's an AMD 4800U, no dedicated GPU, and a 16:10 1920x1200 screen.
I connect it to a docking station which is in turn connected to a 38" LG Ultrawide (3840x1600). I use the "Switch to External Screen" function. Everything works wonderfully when it's connected. All devices, full resolution, 60Hz refresh, even DDC/CI support (changing brightness/contrast of the external monitor using the terminal).
My issue is that when I disconnect, my laptop screen's resolution appears to be still trying to display at 3840x1600. It's not scaled. It's as though my laptop is showing the top left-hand corner of the 3840x1600 resolution monitor.
The best way I can describe this is as follows:
The blue is the rendered desktop space that I see normally.
The red is what I see when I disconnect.
Imagine taking a rectangle outline that measured 1920x1200 pixels, putting it up to your 3840x1600 screen, and then only displaying the 1920x1200 pixels in the top left.
It's not being scaled/zoomed/stretched. My laptop is acting as though it's display is 3840x1600, but it's showing only the top left corner of it.
kwin_wayland --replace fixes this, but it also closes every single open window I have, so that's not ideal.
This doesn't happen with X11.
Any ideas? I'm on Arch, not using Unstable repos anymore (using stable).
I'm also no longer using Linux Zen, but the standard mainline Linux kernel.
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2021.12.05 08:15 igneousink "Again?! DAMMIT BROTHER RICK! No Wine, Smoking or Selfies!!"

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2021.12.05 08:15 Redranger_62 What?

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2021.12.05 08:15 TomisMeMyselfandI Crosslinked polypeptide films via RAFT mediated continuous assembly of polymers

Polypeptide coatings are a cornerstone in the field of surface modification due to their widespread biological potential. As their properties are dictated by their structural features, subsequent control thereof using unique fabrication strategies is important. Herein, we report a facile method of precisely creating densely crosslinked polypeptide films with unusually high random coil conformations through continuous assembly polymerization via reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer (CAP-RAFT). CAP-RAFT was fundamentally investigated using methacrylated poly- L -lysine (PLLMA) and methacrylated poly- L -glutamic acid (PLGMA). Careful technique refinement resulted in films up to 36.1 ± 1.1 nm thick which could be increased to 94.9 ± 8.2 nm after using this strategy multiple times. PLLMA and PLGMA films were found to have 30-50% random coil conformations. Degradation by enzymes present during wound healing reveals potential for applications in drug delivery and tissue engineering.
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2021.12.05 08:15 Sandy_Sandy_1233 Tello mobile plan - 2GB plus unlimited talk & text for $3/mo + $10 sign up bonus with Tello referral code - P3DK42PX

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2021.12.05 08:15 Be_Polite_Art My Phone, Me, Digital, 2019

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2021.12.05 08:15 callumwg Jem Wolfie

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2021.12.05 08:15 Plenty_Will2791 Thoughts on Amad Diallo and Jesse Lingard going forward with Rangnick?

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2021.12.05 08:15 Altruistic_Track3081 Dysfunctional family and in need for an academic success for a better life.

I am a highly sensitive person so I usually don't know if this is normal or not or I am just making a big deal of it. But, I do get comments where my ppl say that I am stupid, looks funny, nerd, weirdo, go kill yourself... Mostly in real life but I do poorly at one of the school subjects so I usually ask help online but I get comments like "that's stupid question", "are you sure you're in xth grade."..etc. People at school tend to reject me as a friend because apparently I don't share the same level they are and I am bad influence to their growth which I am OK with since I have never really had a friend. It's even harder when the doubt and the constant cristism comes from close family members. And such comments can really ruin my entire day and make me cry all night and start doubting my abilities. I tried to isolate my self from my family for about two weeks and from my phone for about 1 week so I could focus on my exams. At home, I started not to interact with my fam as much as possible and cut any conversation unless it's important and make it very short and not to show any emotion. And tbh, I felt so much better but they (family) tried to get nice to me and tell me that I should open up and be a cheerful happy person. So, after long time of my parents being so nice about it I started to be the person they liked more, but with time things went back to normal where they all the time blame me for everything and put their own hopes of what they could have done in their youth on me. My 2 brothers are mentally ill I think, one of them have really bad behavioral problems, learning disabilities, ADHD and is also a victim of both physical and emotional abuse from dad. The other one, have a really self-destructive personality and is a bully at his school (he was bullied by my dad when he's younger and was also bullied a lot in kindergarten and early elementary school). He always tells me that when I grow up he will either let me kill myself or he will do it himself. He is also very envious and hates people doing better than him, so he's very competitive in school ig and cheats on exams if needed. My mom treats me better when I am not too close to her, when I am she'd blame me for everything in her life and how I should be thankful for everything she did and I am very grateful but she got to make a point out of it as a constant reminder that I got to be better. She is nice and I love her but I really wished she got a divorce from dad, life will be way better. Dad is very manipulative and is not type of the guy you will feel comfortable with. He's a serial lier and deceitful so is my brother. I cannot take it no more. I academically do well but not always things comes easy with things going at home and my brothers yelling at each others. My mom consistently tell me all the toxic shit that I can no longer take. My dad always telling me that girls don't do great things that they aren't meant to lead great lives just normal is their best. My brothers saying that I will come for you one day. I just can't take it. I go to a highly competive magnet public school in my country. Most of the kids there were either rich or their parents are highly educated and supportive individuals. And their parents had them prepared for their future careers and relationships since day 1 to lead great lives and do all these great extracurriculars and get these amazing awards. I am not that . I wish I had a peaceful loving educated and supportive family. I wish I look better or smarter. I wish I had friends like the others. I wish I was as great as my classmates are. I love my family and I wish they can get better but by settling in with them I would not hold any respect for myself. School is my only gate to get out of this shitty life.I really need to get very high grades. I am a mess. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
-English is not my native lang so sorry for any mistakes.
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2021.12.05 08:15 Sobrietyking Shift of mind from hellish existence to healing

Man pff,
Before i started taking responsibility how i saw the world my life was a beautifull mess. i would constantly attract people who didnt respect me or who would be passive aggresively insulting me. My self image was a lil bit better then how it used be, but i saw myself as inferior not enough and all that other self limiting bs. My inner conversation was all about negativity moments where i failed, moments i got hurt everday i was either arguing with someone in my head or trying to get back at people or just hurting myself by torturing myself with negative memories and how im failing to live up to a certain expectation. And how i dont deserve love respect kindness or human treatment since when i got mistreated i got mocked or whatever.
all of it came from a traumatic upbringing. And all kind of contradictory beliefs in wich i couldnt win. at certain point i had to ask myself why do i keep creating and attracting friendships and relationships where im not respected or valued even if i stand up for myself why am i always looked down upon. And i realized its me who sees himself as such, i saw myself as inferior less not enough not smart enough because thats the messaging i received growing up and i internalized that.
Crazy enough ive also had moments growing up where the fog would clear and all of a sudden im the smartes strongest bravest most talented version of myself. So somewhere within me i kept fighting for myself because i always knew there is more in me then thees limiting beliefs and how the world seems now.
and even tho the negative toughts are still coming im beter at being able to ward them off, and see them for what they are nothing but a childs trauma and blame a child took for that wich he couldnt understand and didnt receive.
i believe its all self image, when image of self is correct everything falls in place as well and automatically im better able to respond and deal because im coming from the core of me the real me.the best version of me Even toughts ive seen when im at my best, my toughts automatically are pure as well its all self image, and returning back to my original pure self image the real me. By choosung the right toughts only the toughts i deserve. And that affects my self image wich in place then affects my toughts haha.
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2021.12.05 08:15 inklisededic Yearnlab is a 2.0 yield farming protocol on BSC - Offering 150,384%_APY Presale_on 7th_Dec 16:00 UTC

Yearnlab is an innovative decentralized yield farming ecosystem associated with the Binance Smart Chain. Through a set of different investment strategies enforced by smart contracts. Yearnlab automatically quintuple user’s rewards from various liquidity pools, automated market making projects and other opportunities present in the decentralized finance ecosystem. It operates across multi-chain. It is a fast, reliable, efficient, easy-to-use platform.

Yearnlab StakingAt Yearnlab we let you stake $YLB tokens, or newly generated token in your described names. These tokens will be backed by Yearnlab. These tokens will then provide you other benefits too. Moreover, Yearnlab provides multiple pool for liquidity providers, YLB/YLB, YLB/BNB, YLB/BUSD. In addition to that, YLB provides anAPY of 150,384.84%DPY of 412%.
Create Custom Token with Yearnlab backed by $YLBcreating your own token has been made more excited by Yearnlab. Solely because of the perks that it will provide to its users to create their own token. These include, marketing support by $YLB, enjoy larger audience and lower cost.
✔️Private sale: 1 BNB = 15750 $YLB (Filled)
📌Presale: 1 BNB = 15000 $YLB (7th Dec 2021)
📌Public Sale: 1 BNB =13500 $YLB (After Presale finished)

🏆 Already Achieved 🏆
✔️ Yahoo Finance Coverage: https://finance.yahoo.com/
✔️ Benzinga Coverage: https://www.benzinga.com
✔️ Market Watcher: https://www.marketwatch.com
✔️ Contract base Quillhash audit: https://quillhash.com
✔️ Contract base Certik audit: https://www.certik.com
✔️ Twitter 32k,
✔️ Telegram 40k
✔️ Discord 22k
✔️ Staking Platform: stake.yearnlab.com/
✔️BerryData Partnership
✔️Private sale raised $160k
✔️Staking Ready to go live
✔️Create Csstom Token
Possible Exchanges:

Yearnlab Roadmap Q3, 2021
✔️ Whitepaper
✔️ Social media awareness
✔️ Website
✔️ Explainer video
✔️ Medium articles
✔️ Airdrop
Q4, 2021
✔️ Private Sale For Exclusive Investors
✔️ Deploy Presale Smart Contract
✔️ Deploy Staking Smart Contract
✔️ SC Audit Report
✔️ Marketing & Strategic Partnership
✔️ Presale live
📌 Coinmarketcap & Coingecko listing
📌 Airdrop distribution
Q1, 2022
📌 CEX listing
✔️ Create token testnet (beta version)
📌 Staking as a service testnet(Beta version)
📌 Mobile app test (beta version)
📌 DEX platform testnet (beta version)
✔️ Governance platform live
Q2, 2022
📌 Create token (main net)
📌 Mobile app (main net)
📌 Staking as a service (main net)
📌 Interoperability staking functionality
📌 Cross chain staking platform
📌 Multichain staking as a service testnet (Beta version)
Q3, 2022
📌 Paypal API integration
📌 Add more staking pools
📌 Marketing and partnership
📌 R&D and add more features
📌 Charity for blockchain society
Q4, 2022
📌 Introducing lottery system
📌 NFT integration
📌 Advance Strategic partnerships
📌 Expand team worldwide
📌 Insurance for impermanent loss

To know more about us, visit our website: https://yearnlab.com/
Social Links:
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2021.12.05 08:15 Equivalent_Fix_9341 Living in Islamabad for a month!

Hi, I'm from Karachi and I will be traveling to Islamabad in the last week of this month. I'm planning to stay in Islamabad for a month. I need suggestions on places that I should visit, things that I should do, food that I should try, etc. You get the point. I will be also going for mountain hiking and have also been thinking of going for multiple hiking trips during my stay. Thank you for your suggestions in advance!
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2021.12.05 08:15 FPL_Insight My Comments About The MTV Base Hottest MC's List Were Invalid

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2021.12.05 08:15 SnooRegrets6131 Hyde Park Morning

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2021.12.05 08:15 Artful-Misfit Untitled, Me, Acrylic, 2021.

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2021.12.05 08:15 Your_LOCAL_SOVIET Desert warfare

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