European Union airport scanners - undeveloped film

The second best way to sneak weed through an airport is to hide your stash is the crotch area of a male. Airport security is primarily interested in detecting weapons and bombs. Small amounts of pot are their lowest priority. The metal detectors and X-ray scanners show you are not carrying destructive weapons. The oldest known film. Although according to David Wilkinson's 2015 documentary The First Film it's not film, but a series of photographs, 16 in all, each taken from one of the lens from Le Prince's camera. Pictures from the film were sent in a letter dated 18 August 1887 to his wife. Scanners (1981) Videodrome (1983) The Fly (1986) Dead Ringers (1988) Naked Lunch (1991) Scales of Justice (1992–1993) M. Butterfly (1993) Crash (1996) Existenz (1999) Camera (2000) Short; Spider (2002) A History of Violence (2005) To Each His Own Cinema (2007) - They contributed a segment to the film. Eastern Promises (2007) A Dangerous ... Ser vår film om hur man enkelt och snabbt gör en id-verifiering i realtid. ... ”We have been using 365id scanners at our business. During this time, we had many situations, where 365id helped us. ... In busy locations like airport desks and port offices 365id has been a great asset for our partners that simplifies the checkout process. Also ... ← Best Disposable Cameras of 2021 → Tips for bringing film through airport security and the TSA X-rays and the new CT scanners. 35 replies on “Pushing and Pulling Film” Jeff W Waldrop says: July 6, 2018 at 4:38 pm . Very valuable information and well explained! Reply. tracy mikulec says:

2021.12.05 07:38 Some_Fox7979 European Union airport scanners - undeveloped film

Hello guys, I'm planning a trip to Belgium from Czech republic, and after to fly back from France to Czech republic, so inside the EU. Obviously, I'd like to take my film camera and several 35mm films to shoot my trip. However I'm a bit afraid of the scanners on the airport. I've read/heard somewhere that some types of scanners can damage the film. How is it with an undeveloped film? Do you have some experience with travelling with undeveloped film through airport? I'll be travelling just with a backpack, so no checked luggage scanner.
Thank you
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2021.12.05 07:38 Sex_Shop_Souvenir How do I stop the binge eating?

I do meal prep but usually after a couple weeks I succumb to my cravings then I just can’t stop. I eat anything and everything. What’s your willpower secret?
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2021.12.05 07:38 EmergencySituation12 TIFU by streaming porn on the family tv

I’m a 17 year old boy with a highly conservative family consisting of my parents, me, and my younger sister. Every Sunday we go to church for multiple hours to pray however we couldn’t attend church the Sunday that this story takes place on since my younger sister caught the flu.
When we got home my parents went to the living room to watch television and my sister and I went to our respective rooms. I was bored and had nothing to do since I finished all of my schoolwork and typically I would have been at church at the time so I decided to masturbate in my room. When I masturbate I always use headphones while watching porn so that my parents don’t find out because they’re very against any expression of sexuality. As I put on my headphones and got comfortable I played the porn but noticed something strange: the porn had no sound. This was odd to me since I thought the porn was at a reasonably high volume so my dumbass decided to crank the volume to the max. While I started hearing the porn it sounded muffled, but in the background I could clearly hear my parents screaming. My heart started racing since I thought I was caught so I paused the porn and ran to the living room.
When I arrived I was confused why they were freaking so much until I saw the family tv. Apparently while putting on my headphones I ended up streaming the porn on the family since on the family tv there was a man balls deep inside a woman which was the exact scene I paused at. I immediately ran back to my room to frantically turn the porn off but the damage was done. I was too embarrassed to exit my room and after many hours my parents came in and ranted for what felt like an eternity on how ashamed and disgusted I should feel about myself for what I did. On top of that, my sister keeps teasing me about it as I’m dying of embarrassment. Needless to say we’ll be going to church next Sunday.
TL;DR I accidentally streamed porn on the family tv and my religious parents saw it.
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2021.12.05 07:38 Peder-Ormar Just noticed that in the episode “The Wedding Bride”, the baggage one of the background people have is “Slept with Barney”! 🤣

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2021.12.05 07:38 floydie1962 Roath Park in the Summer sunshine

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2021.12.05 07:38 Mialive_ Moonlite Sonatta⧖ - 初配信時間 12/18 at 20:00 GMT+8.

Moonlite Sonatta⧖ - 初配信時間 12/18 at 20:00 GMT+8. Processing img m0bh3j6wcp381...
很快的來到一期生的最後一位成員,她是一位誕生在月光下的女性 如果說,大家已經受到了太多世俗的傷害 來到這裡,她的溫柔將會包容、保護著我們的一切 12/18星期六晚上8點,一同來感受她的溫暖吧~ 真正能夠治癒你的,從來都不是時間,是月光,是索娜塔。-月光索娜塔⧖ - Now to our final member of the first generation, a priestess born from the moonlight If it is said that we have suffered too much harm from the world Come here, her gentleness will embrace and protect us all Come and feel her warmth on Saturday, 12/18 at 8pm GMT+8. What really heals, is never time. It's moonlight. It's me, Sonatta. - Moonlite Sonatta⧖ YT: Twitter: #MialiveS1 #台灣vtuber #新人vtuber #vtuber準備中 #TWvtuber #ENVtuber #初配信 #VTuberUprising
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2021.12.05 07:38 RegularAMH Just something to think about☠...

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2021.12.05 07:38 idkwtfimadazaiisimp Where's the episode 9? I can't find it, the episodes are usually out by this time if someone has the link then please help me out

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2021.12.05 07:38 slime_college Where to visit or whom to meet at Silicon valley?

Hello guys, I'm a student entrepreneur from Seoul. For a new inspiration, I am traveling to California now. I'm going to Sunnyvale next week and looking for people, places, or events that can be a good inspiration for me. Any advice, please?

I came here all alone and desperately need your advice :( Thanks in advance!!
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2021.12.05 07:38 es216 Whats your favorite car game???

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2021.12.05 07:38 Desultory_sobriquet New learner, would like a little advice.

After wanting to learn the piano forever, but something always getting in the way, I've decided to bite the bullet and give it a serious go. Partly due to having a bit more free time of late, and partly because I'm middle aged and have zero skills. I've been looking at all the different electronic pianos, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. I initially decided on the KORG XE20SP because it's pretty cheap, but there's even some half the price. If the sound is just an electronic file being played, would the cheaper models essentially be the same anyway? Or am I missing something?
I think I should be able to put around 2 hours a day aside to practice, is 5 years a feasible timescale to get to a good standard? Also I've heard it's best to get lessons straight off the bat and not try to reach yourself first, is there any truth in this?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.05 07:38 EmmaLately How do I make my congregation understand that Christianity has been and still is extremely harmful to a lot of vulnerable people?

Last week in our online-cause-covid church café, we ended up with a discussion about the problems in Christianity. I didn't even start the discussion but I was almost alone in saying that a lot of horrible things have been done in the name of our religion and that many Christians still actively push cruelty and hatred in their communities and the media, harming vulnerable people. The highlight was our deacon, whose spiritual leadership I respected above anyone else's, declaring that Christians discriminating against people isn't relevant because in some places Christians are discriminated against. That really broke my heart, just the sheer unwilling stubbornness of being completely unwilling to have a conversation about about mine and a lot of other people's suffering. I used examples, I told of personal experiences, I named the few statistics I actually have ready from memory, I referred to the gospel. They can't hear it. To them, anything that says that Christianity might be a problem or have a negative impact is either a lie to discredit our religion or it is in the past and done with and not a valid argument in any current discussion.
How do I make these people, who are otherwise very kind and open folk, understand that being Christian isn't good by default? That Christians have a responsibility to actually make Christianity a force for good in the world? That they can't stand by and watch Christians do heinous things while declering themselves Christians and their ecumenical kin?
I feel so helpless here because this was my safe place in a church that was often just hateful towards me and that I'm often ashamed to be a member of. If this isn't a place where Christianity can be seen as - aside from all it's beauty and kindness - also problematic and challenging, then what am I doing here?
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2021.12.05 07:38 Oversama test

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2021.12.05 07:38 Land_Air_Sea_Defense M1A2 Abrams vs Lion of Babylon (updated T-72M1)

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2021.12.05 07:38 The_watcher_100 So..umm..this is Pinkie Pie

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2021.12.05 07:38 RamsesTheEgyptian Will Angela find out who Dexter really is?

Remember what Batista said at that conference..something about a recurring person in the investigation could very well lead to the killer himself. Angela looks up Debra Morgan and eventually finds her brother, hence the last part of the episode.
However, if she decides to look further..She will see that Dex is the recurring factor. How can a normal guy be surrounded by so much death and be super unlucky? His sister was murdered by a serial killer. His wife was murdered by a serial killer. His brother WAS a serial killer. This can all be accomplished with very basic detective work.
Does that prove anything? Of course not. But it will definitely cause them to view Dexter with much suspicion. The only way out at that point would be for Dex to be SUPER convincing at why he "died" and to lay Angela's suspicions to rest
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2021.12.05 07:38 cookingandcraft Rava - Apple Sweet

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2021.12.05 07:38 fomo2020 Felhivas harmadik oltasra??

Megbombaztak azzal a bizonyos korlevellel, hogy a Nemzeti Egeszsegugyi Alapkezelo nyilvantartasa szerint en meg nem vettem fel a harmadik oltast, ezert mindenkeppen regisztraljak.
Kerdesem, hogy ha oda nem, akkor megis hova kerult be? Mert nekem van egy alternativ valosagom, meghozza fajt mindenem, meg kiutott a cucc egy napig, azert csak nem felejtettem el hogy megkaptam.
Kihez kene fordulni hogy vegyek fel az adataimat a rendszerbe?
(ekezetekert bocsi, legkozelebb hozok egy zsakkal)
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2021.12.05 07:38 joshmac313 OBS settings for streaming Battlefield 2042. Advice please!

Hello reddit!
I am looking for some advice on streaming BF2042.
Obviously when you stream there are FPS drops in the game you are playing but when playing battlefield my frames drop significantly.
I run the game at ultra when not streaming and get around 80 - 100fps (depending what map I am on). When streaming, it drops below 60fps most of the time, even when turning the graphics to low.
The GPU utilisation is mainly around 90% when not streaming and 60% when I am.
I have the game installed on a Samsung Evo 970 M.2 SSD and I have a I7 11700k with a RTX 3080.
My OBS settings are set to use the NVENC mode and output at 5500kbps at 720p.
If you require any more information to help provide advice then please let me know.

Thank you!!
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2021.12.05 07:38 hsdad Looking for connection assistance

FH5 runs great on my PC. High settings on everything no issues connecting to convoys, etc. on Xbox One X it’s the opposite. It’s choppy, laggy, and I might be able to play in a convoy 2-3 races a week. Other than that I’m constantly disconnected from Forza Live/Link and my convoy every time they start a race.
Other multiplayer games run fine such as Warzone (and Warzone runs 100% smoother on console), Fallout 76, RDR2 and such on the Xbox. Both have the same connection, to the same router, with the same (ish) ping.
I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling. I’ve tried hard resets, and router cycling. I would prefer to play it in my Xbox but it is all but impossible. Any suggestions?
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2021.12.05 07:38 SSinglers За секунду до взросления

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2021.12.05 07:38 caniner12 How to transition into the gaming industry?

Hi there! It’s 12:30am and my existential crisis is seeping into subreddits! But at least my crisis is specific. I hope.
I’ve worked in Education for 7 years now. I specialize in marketing and communications for independent/private schools. My skills lean to multimedia content creation. For example, I’ve developed three websites, crafted marketing campaign copy, and managed long term marketing campaigns for fundraising and admissions.
But I’d rather be playing Mario Kart.
Hear me out. I’d rather be using my skills in the gaming industry. In college, I was a cognitive science and English major. I focused on non-fiction writing about games (reviews, culture analysis, etc.) and I worked in an attention and perception lab that looked into video games’ impacts on attention. Gaming was my “destined” path. But, I needed to find a decent paying job in college to help support my family and, long story short, I live in a state where there is 0 gaming industry so I fell into the education industry and now I’m sad lol.
Any advice on where to begin on 1) gaining experience in the gaming industry (ideally remotely) or 2) any feedback on how my skills may work in the industry or new things I should focus on learning?
Thank you so much!!!
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2021.12.05 07:38 zahirk9 Who should I upgrade (f2p player)

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2021.12.05 07:38 Legitimate_Potato620 Girlfriend or wife chat

Let’s talk about our wives. Hit me up.
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2021.12.05 07:38 ComradeStalin227 [ARMA 3] [Picture] Coalition Cleansing - Operation Base Impetus

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