Faiz sebep Enflasyon sonuçtur, Arkandayım Reis

2021.12.05 08:35 _EnfeKSyoN_ Faiz sebep Enflasyon sonuçtur, Arkandayım Reis

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2021.12.05 08:35 Brave_tomat0 Autistic vs sigma speech

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2021.12.05 08:35 z13_guitar Ibanez RG2620ZE Prestige 2012

Ibanez RG2620ZE Prestige 2012
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2021.12.05 08:35 hanfinho123 It's what it is

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2021.12.05 08:35 oralefoo_carnalgas relationship goals rant

im only 16 but i already had my experiences with girls and i think i can say all i really want is a girl i can go to just to find peace. like i want a girl who will not give me any sort of problems, who i can go to her house and just chill and relax and do stuff together and just be silent and not feel the need to talk. thats literally all i want lmao. we dont even have to cuddle or kiss or anything lets just chill
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2021.12.05 08:35 PIKACHUKAPAPA true story about how timothy got fired

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2021.12.05 08:35 A80A90 I’m not even sure I want to go to a good university.

Hey guys this is kind of a vent but I’d like to hear your thoughts.
I’m in grade 11 in Australia and recently I’ve been stressing about applying to international universities. I’ve been feeling like I might not want to uproot my whole life and move to a new country when I’m 18, but here in Australia the universities just aren’t competitive and the quality of university education is far below that of the US or UK. If I decide to stay here and study in my city, my grades and ECs wont mean anything and I might not get the quality of education that I’d prefer. On the other hand, It’s a big deal to move to another country that I’ve never been to before at such a young age just to go to a different university. It would also suck to prepare to study internationally and my applications just flop. Applying internationally is very competitive and im just not sure its worth all the effort if I may not even want to go. Thoughts?
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2021.12.05 08:35 smetoahrwshw Plenty of reasons to upvote this one. ..

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2021.12.05 08:35 MyPokePrints The Rock meets Pokemon!

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2021.12.05 08:35 Bountyback Persistent storage

I created an persistent storage and when i try to open it after restarting it asks for an admin password which i didnt set. When i unlock the storage on startup i can access it without the admin password. Also why doesn’t it keep the background i thought the settings would be kept, or do i need to enable dot files ? Last question is it normal that i can delete the ps without typing in a password, can i change that ?
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2021.12.05 08:35 GhostofStark Uni-d connection issue

Hi all.
I just moved into a new place (rental) that already has nbn set up. I set up with an ethernet cable from UNI-D 1 into the port in the wall below the modem and hooked a second from the internal wall port to my router. The UNI-D light didnt turn on. I tried plugging the modem directly into the router and the light came on fine and i had internet.
Am I missing something? Could it just be faulty wiring? Im at a loss haha.
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2021.12.05 08:35 op_hello_world_123 Windows 11 Local Account authentication

Official site mentions only Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 when it comes to securing Local Account authentication. However, Windows 11 has been already released. Does all the information apply to Windows 11 as well?
I'm on a fence of buying Yubikeys for my whole family, but no information about Windows 11 worries me as that's one of the use-cases.
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2021.12.05 08:35 favillap Lysithea (you can support my Instagram @favillqp)

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2021.12.05 08:35 noasimp which group’s anniversary outfits do you like best?

my favorite is photon, with rondo in a close second followed by merm4id/lyrical lily tie and happy around just… doesn’t do it for me this time
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2021.12.05 08:35 justinj69 My 4th diamond ever and my 3rd in the last 2 days , pretty sure this is the bigger rack for the level 9 too , pretty hyped abt it

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2021.12.05 08:35 Gregory_Andounuts Roll Back Your Discord Version?

Hey is is possible to make it so that I can use a version of discord prior to the 2021 rebranding?
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2021.12.05 08:35 Retouchess MINTING IS OPEN ON SolBearButt dot com 🚀 grab your Dancer's Bears now and play to earn! LINK in comments

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2021.12.05 08:35 PleaseCumtribute mengundang betul kan dia ni dlm money heist

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2021.12.05 08:35 rokajova 8 Musks

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2021.12.05 08:35 yugoslav3 Can you put chain drive on a strap drive pedal?

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2021.12.05 08:35 No_Station_2652 Garrincha-Brazil's Tragic Hero

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2021.12.05 08:35 jkxyz1337 Alchemy Gambit

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2021.12.05 08:35 madimadmoney Not sure if this is welcome here, please redirect if necessary. *airplane flames*

My ex and I were on a plane, and during takeoff (at night, I believe we were leaving peru) we looked out the window and it looked like blue flames were coming out of the left wing. He pulled me in so I couldn’t see it. Apparently I passed out within minutes (never been able to sleep on a plane). I’m guessing it was something to do with the speed and the air and that I passed out from the fear lol but has anyone else witnessed this or can someone explain what it was?
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2021.12.05 08:35 moondinho Zekrom on me 6835 5792 5786

Please only add if you will join in next several minutes. I'll invite 9 and will need to leave for a few seconda to do so, please don't leave if you see this.
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2021.12.05 08:35 T214 Jak X crashing on credits

Every time the credits start playing the game crashes and I have to redo the final race. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
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